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We have a new website layout! We hope you like this one better than our old design.

Bob and Beyond has been submitted to the iphone App Store! We will try to have the new version of the demo up before the weekend ends.

We've realized the beta for Bob is really buggy, this is a Mac/PC issue we are still trying to resolve.
It will be fixed soon. In the meantime please feel free to check out the Beta for Kubes. When finished Kubes will be available on Pc, Mac, and iPhone free of charge!

The edits are done! Visit the games page to check out the beta for Bob and Beyond!

We are doing some small edits to the site. Along with these edits is a surprise to our loyal and patient fans! :D

The site is now officially live! Welcome to N-Gon :)

N-Gon News page completed...for the most part. Site should be finished by this weekend.

Gaming World News

E3 2011 has concluded! Visit their site for news on this years biggest games!

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